Chelsea Flower Show Giveaway

To celebrate Chelsea Flower Show 2018, Sonning Flowers are holding a Chelsea Flower Show Giveaway.  Yes! we are GIVING AWAY 12 indoor, potted succulents. Small, yet perfectly formed these simple earth-toned ornamental plants have been a huge indoor plant trend over the past few years.  They make excellent decorative houseplants, gifts for family and friends and are incredibly low maintenance.  The plants are potted up in a copper rimmed terra cotta pot. To take part in the Sonning Flowers Chelsea Flower Show Giveaway simply sign up to our newsletter here and the first 12 people to sign up can collect their potted succulent from our shop located at 35-37 St Mary’s Butts just behind John Lewis in the centre of Reading, Berkshire (Map).  To keep up-to-date with events, offers and promotions follow us on Instagram (Follow Us on Instagram).  We look forward to seeing you soon to collect your freebie.

Chelsea Flower Show Giveaway

Succulent Care Tips

Light: Bright light with some direct sun. You can move this sun-loving succulent outdoors for the summer, be sure to bring it back indoors when night time temperatures drop to 55°F/13°C; it’s not cold-hardy.

Water: Keep the mix lightly moist spring through fall and water sparingly in winter. Water the potting mix and not the rosette because it can easily rot. Wrinkled leaves indicate the succulent needs more water.

Soil: Cactus potting mix, or equal parts sharp sand with all-purpose potting mix.

Chelsea Give Away