Firework Themed Contract Vases

Flowers for business Reading corporate contract vases

Every week I have the lovely job of finding inspiration for our weekly contract flowers for businesses across Berkshire….. This week it’s Bonfire Night. So we put together several Firework Themed Contract Vases.

Being inspired by the colours, lines and textures of beautiful seasonal flowers is one of my favourite aspects of being a florist.  There is such variety at our flower markets, but I have to be conscious to buy flowers and foliage which will stand the test of air conditioned and heated offices, allergies of staff, while also being cost effective due to fluctuating flower prices.

So with this in mind I have chosen primary colours on the colour wheel – red, yellow and blue.  The texture and structure of the flowers chosen are to represent fireworks.

  • Blue Agapanthus being the explosion of the firework – to create the movement and height.
  • Yellow Leucospernum being the sparkle effect.  By keeping the Leucospernum low in the arrangement due to their size keeps the design balanced.
  • Gerbera representing a Catherine wheel to give a burst of colour of bright red.  The can be placed at any height, they work really well for impact.
  • Asia mix foliae in various colours of greens and reds help add form and rhythm to the arrangements.
  • I have introduced lime green midolino sticks to project the colours out from the centre of the flowers

I hope you like our Firework Themed Contract Vases.

Julie – Contract Florist at Sonning Flowers

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