Small and intimate weddings can still be beautiful!

So this week we were hit with the unfortunate news from Boris that weddings are to be reduced to 15 people plus suppliers. It’s not the news we wanted to hear and it looks like the rule will be here to stay into early 2021.

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Sonning Flowers – Business As Usual!

Mothers Day Flower

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Wedding Flowers: Before, During And After The Big Day

Your wedding is likely to be one of the happiest events of your life It’s also going to be one of the biggest events you ever throw – unless you’re an event planner! So it’s not surprising that you want to make sure everything is perfect, from the suits to the boutonnieres. But did you know that there are three stages to wedding flowers? Today, we wanted to guide you through each one, and show you how to make them all special and personal to you.

Design And Preparation:

This is perhaps the most important element of the whole process, as this is what determines what your wedding flowers will look, feel and smell like. You can get some great ideas for what you like from Pinterest, but those flowers have been designed for someone else, and not you! The best way to design your wedding flowers is to go and speak to a professional florist, like us. We will be able to take your ideas, style, venue and colours into account and design not just a bouquet, but a complete set of wedding flowers that tie your big day together and reflect your personality perfectly. Once you’ve decided on your designs, the florist can source and prepare them for you, delivering your flowers on the day and even dressing the venue with them.

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